TB TX DANCE (2006, 2:30, 16mm)

screens in single- or double-projection versions.

The background of the image is made of patterns of dots directly laser printed on clear leader. That background also doubles as an optical soundtrack with different pitches created by the different density of dots. The dots were inspired by the stockings Toni Basil ("Antonia Christina Basilotta") wore in Bruce Conner's "Breakaway" in 1966, which also serves as the source footage for the dancer in the film. Toni Basil herself is a source of inspiration for all 30-somethings who haven't yet made enough of their lives. (She was 39 when "Mickey" was a hit in 1982.)

This film was commissioned at Cinematexas in 2005 over a meal of pulled pork and peach cobbler. This film is also known as "32.37" (the price of that meal).

From the Lunchfilm series: curator Mike Plante has lunch with a filmmaker and then gets a film for the cost of the lunch in trade. Some rules are written on a napkin. Here are the rules for this commission: Reference dance. Reference Texas. Have an autograph in it. Mention Toni Basil.