A Fragmentary History of the 21st Century
(1999, 18:30, 16mm)

Schizophrenic film. Scenes from the daily life of the new millennium. Science fiction without spaceships. Experimental parables. 2 pets, 3 TVs, an ocean of cars, a lucky penny. Lots of people receiving electroshocks for no good reason.

  • Second Prize, International Surrealist Film Festival
  • Honorable Mention, THAW

  • reviews

    "The real gold mine of Cucalorus 99 was found within the shorts....Top of the heap was RogerWarrenBeebe's "A Fragmentary History of the 21st Century."...Beebe's work is goofy, startling, and important--here is finally a film that isn't concerned with being 'cool' or even 'anti-cool cool,' but still enveloped with a deliberately perfect sense of style and pace." --Wilmington Encore

    "Another experimental short that unfolds in true Beebe style." --Cucalorus Magazine

    "Delightfully obtuse" --Reel Carolina