One Nation under Tommy
(2004, 15:00, digital video)

also available as a DVD archive/installation

directed by Josh Gibson, Sallie Patrick, Nayeli Garci-Crespo, Michael Lahey, and Chris Jolly

written by Gregory S. Moss, Julie Shapiro, Nicole Deane, Kendra Gaeta, Deborah Broderson

conceived, produced, and assembled by Roger Beebe

Adapted from the children's game known as "telephone" or "grapevine," "One Nation under Tommy" is a mutation/deformation/liberation of a cynically patriotic Tommy Hilfiger commercial. The commercial was given to a writer who wrote a script from it that was then given to a filmmaker who made a film of that script which was then passed to another writer who &c. We did that five times over two years, and "One Nation under Tommy" is the result.