ENG 4146: 16mm Film Production

This course is designed as an ambitious introduction to FILM (as opposed to video) production. Work will be exclusively in 16mm. We will explore all aspects of the (somewhat involved) technological process of making moving pictures on celluloid. Concurrent with that, we'll also be doing in-depth exploration of aethetic questions about experimental, medium-specific work. At the end of the class, students should both be able to shoot their own films and to have a good idea about what and why they might shoot in the first place. As will all of my production classes, the focus is narrowly on experimental (i.e., non-narrative, abstract, avant-garde) practice. There will be no synchronous sound production in this course, so all films will be dialogue-free, although we will experiment with sound as part of the "film event."

Note that many of the more (and less) advanced techniques that were formerly part of this class (direct animation, optical printing, hand processing) will now be part of a new Advanced Techniques course that will be offered in Spring 2011, also under the rubric of ENG 4146.

  • Light Meter Diagram
  • Bolex (outside view)
  • Bolex (inside view)
  • Film Can