ENG 4146: 16mm Film Production

This course is designed as an ambitious introduction to film (as opposed to video) production. Work will be exclusively in 16mm. Our focus will be on developing both technological skills and experimental approaches to cinematography and editing. (Other advanced/primitive 16mm techniques including cameraless filmmaking and laboratory techniques are covered in the companion course, "Experimental Experiments," which will be offered under the same course number in Spring 2012.) There will be no synchronous sound production in this course, so all films will be dialogue-free, although we will experiment with ways of adding sound (including double-system sound and live performance).

No previous experience is necessary and students should not be intimidated by the technological component, but students must come with an openness to experimentation (and occasional failure). Interested students should contact the professor as soon as possible to receive an application for the course; the application process must be completed before the start of of advance registration.

  • Something like a syllabus
  • Light Meter Diagram
  • Bolex (outside view)
  • Bolex (inside view)
  • Film Can